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“At the Szent István körút Member Institution of the Klapka György Vocational, Elementary, and Special Trade School children with mild to severe mentally handicap, locomotory or sensory organ disorders, or autism are educated from grade 1 through 12. The Member Institution functions as an elementary and special trade school, providing development and education. Children are cared for using special methods adjusted to their individual needs, an adapted curriculum, and regulated leave.

In the 2013/2014 academic year 184 students are attending the institution.

As an ECO school, one of our key tasks is to educate our students about the environment and environmental consciousness and provide them with active, continuous environmental activities.

We also place great emphasis on educating them to adapt a healthy lifestyle and on raising and increasing interest in healthy physical activities. Each year, we organise a summer camp for our students to give them the gift of a new experience that is different from their everyday lives.

A Scintilla Kft. is hozzájárult ahhoz, hogy ezt az élményt, ebben az évben a Balaton mellett Zánkán élhetik meg tanulóink.”

Scintilla Kft. was one of the contributors that allowed our students to have this experience this year in Zánka, by Lake Balaton.”