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Dr. János Takács, President of the Scientific Society for Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Takács János“I have known Scintilla Kft., its proprietors, the work culture they have introduced, and their production system since the foundation of the company. They have played an important role and are still active in the Scientific Society for Mechanical Engineering, assisting the constant development and dissemination of technical culture.

Following the change to a democratic regime in Hungary, this company, too, started its life the typical way, from a garage workshop. They had a great love for the profession and a lot of enthusiasm, and even then their goal was to satisfy the needs of the market maximally, which remains an important priority for the company. In the nearly 20 years that have passed since they have been growing constantly, both in terms of value produced and quality. In professional aspects they have always looked for new challenges and innovative ideas. From the start, the company’s goal was to go beyond contract manufacturing: as their name, too, shows – “Scintilla Engineering Bureau” – they have been offering cooperation in development and support to their partners in connection with product development and the modernisation of production processes. This modern and EU-conformant outlook is also reflected in their daily work. They are a worthy partner to work with, because thanks to their professional approach and innovative spirit they can offer excellent service and quality-assured products at reasonable prices and on time.”

Dr. János Takács, university professor
President of the Scientific Society for Mechanical Engineering

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