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István Szikra – Honorary citizen of Jászberény

Jász Trió TV  |  2019.04.09

István Szikra started working in Lehel Hűtőgépgyár in 1963 after obtaining a degree in Kecskemét.

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Preparing for the future of the industry

Alfodhir |  2018.10.23

The XXVI. Seminar of the household tools which was organized by the Department of the Household Equipments took place on 11 October 2018 in the Szikra Gallery.

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Scintilla Kft. celebrates its 20th birthday

Jász Trió Tv  | 2016.09.15

Scintilla Kft. celebrates its 20th birthday in this year. This Hungarian private company is a supplier of many companies in Hungary and in abroad that produce electromechanical components and cables.


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Scintilla doubles its production area

autopro.hu | 2014.06.05. 11:35

Scintilla Engineering Bureau Ltd., a company with its own tool plant in Jászberény and employer of 280 people, is planning to produce 150 million electrical ties in 2014. The company’s customers are typically Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers of the automotive industry and their products can be found in virtually all European brands.

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Scintilla – where the customers’ expectations come first

autopro.hu | 2014.05.28. 08:00

Scintilla Engineering Bureau Ltd. in Jászberény is planning a revenue of 3.2 billion HUF and production of 150 million electrical ties in 2014, with half this amount related to the automotive industry. The company’s customers are typically Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers of the automotive industry and their products can be found in virtually all European brands. The company, which employs 280 people, is known for its speed, accuracy, and reliability, with the slogan “For us, the customers’ expectations come first.

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István Szikra – “Benefactor of the City of Jászberény” award

Jász Trio TV | 2014.04.09.

On April 3, István Szikra received the “Benefactor of the City of Jászberény” award. He is the proprietor, and today managing director of Scintilla Kft., as well as founder of the Szikra Gallery, the largest and most unique art collection of the micro-region.

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Jászberény award winners – István Szikra

BerényCafé | 2014.04.04.

In 1963, after graduating from the Technical College of Kecskemét, István Szikra joined the Lehel Refrigerator Factory as a young graduate. In recognition of his professional work of high standards and his achievements in innovation and invention he was appointed head of first the Product Development, then the Control Technology department, where he worked until his retirement. He collected several “Excellent Employee” awards, and also received the Gold-level “Excellent Inventor” award.
He holds the position of Secretary of the Domestic Appliance Department of the Scientific Society for Mechanical Engineering. His achievements were acknowledged with the Pattantyús Ábrahám Géza award, given to only one engineer a year in Hungary. He is a founding member of Scintilla Kft.

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Site visit at Scintilla Kft.

Jász Trio TV | 2014.02.13 | Nagy Valentina

The plant visits that started last March reached a new stop: this time, the representatives of the municipal government visited Scintilla Kft, which was founded in 1996. The company, which started in a garage workshop moved to a new site in 2001, which was expanded in 2003. Over the years, a major company management system had to be developed, which led to the implementation of a new structure in 2008.

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A spark that casts its light far

Jászkürt | 2014.02.10 | Kiss Erika

Even if the company’s name was not written on the sign, when we enter the reception area, we would still immediately know that we are in the right place. Visitors to Scintilla Kft. are greeted by two paintings, a Makay and a Gyöngyi B. Jánosi. Soon, father and son turn up: István Szikra (founder of the Szikra Gallery) and Szabolcs, from whose shared dream this company was born.

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