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Environmental Policy

The Scintilla group puts high emphasis on the protection of the environment within the fields of producing electromechanical components and cables (crimped wires, connectors, switches, wire harnesses), metal and machined parts.

The principle of our environmental policy is: to fulfil the requirements of our partners and to provide a successful business to our company, by taking responsibility in protecting the environment, reducing the harmful effects on our environment, improving our environmental performance.

In order to ensure the improving of the environmental performance we make our MSZ EN ISO 14001:2015, environmental management system.

During its developments and investments, Scintilla group tries to use and prove up-to-date devices.

Scintilla group engages in:

  • observing the rules of Hungary and the European Union, which are related to its activities.
  • observing the standards, interior and the official prescriptions, and expects its partners to do the same, as well.
  • monitoring its effects on the environment and takes part in forming the “possible best technology” and tries to prevent the negative effects and to reduce the risks to an acceptable level;
  • checking and improving its environmental protecting activities to aim the rational usage of the natural energy sources and the energy-saving.
  • reducing its energy needs and evolving its energy performance
  • using renewable energy sources
  • improving the professional knowledge of its workers and providing sustainable development, the improvement of the consciousness of the workers.

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